Are Kids Safe with Gates?

Are Kids Safe with Gates?

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Safety can be actually translated in many ways. Most definitely, our children are totally safe playing in the garden when there is a good rolling gate installed to prevent them from stepping out of the property. Don't forget about the plethora of dangers out in the street. At the same time, they are surely safe from getting grabbed, abused or harassed in any way by strangers, who could have the chance to secretly walk onto your property if it weren't for the automatic rolling gate.

Are Kids Safe with Gates?On the other hand, their personal safety would depend on a number of other factors and they are all related with the proper installation, choice and maintenance of the electric openers. Failure to comply with the basic rules will create a safety gap, which may lead to accidents. The main rules highlight the fact that electric residential gate openers must:

• integrate the necessary entrapment sensing devices for protection
• be installed properly
• have emergency release for manual operation
• be maintained regularly and properly
• be checked often
• move with a maximum of one foot per second

Take control over kids and openers

As adults we have responsibilities, especially if we have kids or let other children play in our own yard. Keeping a rather broken gate with a dysfunctional opener won't serve anyone any good and especially not our kids. Don't forget that any part of such heavy mechanisms could be a potential threat to their safety. Lack of rolling gate repair could certainly lead to injuries soon or later. Forgetting to test the sensors might lead to the entrapment of our little ones even if they are under our supervision. Problems with swing hung gates might result to injuries either by rusty hinges or malfunctioned panels, which might hit kids as they are playing.

It's good to remember that children don't pay attention to such things. They are just playing around and, in fact, they will find the gate clicker a lovely game as well. So, keep it out of their reach. Don't forget that apart from getting hurt by playing with the remote, they can also exit the premises and get lost in the streets. Who would want that?

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