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How can I take care of the rolling gate?

Refrain from heavy repairs and let the experts of Rolling Gate Repair Queens take care of these. You can use soft, salt-free liquids to wash the rolling gate, clean well all parts and then lubricate them. Look for obvious problems and weird noises.

Why intercoms provide reinforced security?

The fact that you will have the opportunity to check who is standing behind the rolling gate and accordingly decide whether to grant them access or deny it gives you the power to control who is coming onto your property. Thus, you won't have unwanted visitors.

What are some examples of gate etiquette I should observe?

Exercise caution while standing close to a gate. It's more likely to cause harm to the gate system than a person who may only receive a slight bump. Never let kids play with the remote. They might get fascinated by the idea of an automatically operating gate, but the system should only be used for entry or exit, and never as part of children's play.

Are gate operators compatible with any type of gate?

Unfortunately, there is no one-size-fits-all gate operator available on the market now. The gate operator has to match the type of gate with which it will be used. An operator for a swing gate cannot be used on a sliding gate, and vice versa. There are also prescribed weight limits and maximum gate sizes to be followed.

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