Main Rolling Gate Components

Main Rolling Gate Components

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You might not want to study to become a professional repairman but knowing a few things about how your rolling gate works is actually important. You don't have to know details. Just have an idea of the basic components in order to understand the philosophy of its movement and, thus, to be able to understand which solutions will be best when problems arise.

Main Rolling Gate ComponentsKnowing a few things about your automatic rolling gate will give you the chance to understand what people are trying to sell you and avoid getting fooled. When you know the requirements of your own system, you will know what to do when problems arise and won't panic. You will be protected from buying the wrong products and since you will also know the dangers, you will also learn how to protect yourself.

Get Familiar with your Rolling Gate

  • You probably already know that all gates come in different sizes. This means that their components may vary and, in fact, they are chosen based on the weight of the panel.
  • The tracks, where the actual panel runs, are perhaps some of the most important parts. It's vital to know that tracks must not be dented or dirty in order for the wheels to roll through.
  •  The wheels are often boxed for greater protection and it's good to add skirting in order to protect your children from having their feet run over. Since wheels carry the actual gate and you want to save from unnecessary rolling gate repairs, it's best to invest in good quality stainless steel wheels with sealing bearings for protection.
  •  The guide rollers at the top part of the gate will keep it stable and as the word implies it will guide its way to run through the tracks.
  •  When the gate is closed, it is secured in the so called gate catcher.
  •  There should be an end stop mounted on tracks a bit before the stop point in order to keep the gate from coming off if it's hit or by accident.
  •  Tensioners will keep the chain tight but remember it must not be too tight.
  •  Of course, automatic systems have electric residential gate openers, which must have safety sensors.
  •  It's also important to ensure openers have an emergency release. Turning the system in manual operation can sometimes save lives. Of course, your safety will also be guaranteed by frequent rolling gate maintenance.

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