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About Us

The Best Professional Repair Services for Gates

You can count on Gate Repair Queens to give you the most reliable gate repair services for your gates. With many years of service under our belt, our company is equipped to effectively handle major and minor repairs on all types of gates. Major repairs will be advised for the types of damage that cause loss of functionality of the gate setup. These may include post replacement, hinge repair and replacement or even gate reinforcement and door panel realignment. Minor repairs may be indicated for simple fixes like part replacement due to wear and tear. Our expertise in this field are however not limited to the gates themselves. We also service openers and automatic operators of all make and model as well as intercom systems. You can also call us for all your gate installation needs.

About Us - Gate Repair Queens

Gate Repair Queens – Get a New Gate Today!

Security gates enforce the privacy and security of your home by creating a wall that provides safety from would be opportunistic intruders. If you don't have a gate protecting you yet but you have already decided to put one up, then don't hesitate to call us. We can build you a custom gate that fits your needs or your aesthetic preferences. You'll have the choice in terms of materials that are going to be used as well as the way that the gate will open. This is very important to consider if there are issues concerning space. You will also most likely make the decision to either keep your gates manual or to automate them with the help of operators.

Automating Your Driveway

We are trained to provide you with the right operators that fit the level of automation that you want to achieve with your driveway. You can choose to use a remote or you can have sensors put in that will identify your car and open the gate for you whenever you're near. You certainly can choose to keep your gate manual but operating it this way is very time consuming. If you're in a hurry, you won't be able to drive away immediately, but you're going to have to get out of your car first to open the gate. Everything is well until it's pouring rain – and then it's a real nightmare. Call us at Gate Repair Queens and we'll gladly help out! We can set you up with the appropriate operators for your needs. Having a remotely controlled operator such as the Liftmaster opener will make your everyday life significantly more convenient.

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